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Nemesys-Security provides a realistic idea of the level of risk and vulnerabilities against your technology, people, and physical assets, because all Red Team Engagements are goal-based. I WILL work with you to identify your greatest risks will then identify the goal of the engagement (to obtain that item or information that is most critical to the company).

Advanced Services

Other Services

The main target is to create cybersecurity solutions tailored to the specific business needs of customers, to defend them from cyberattacks with proactive, focused and sector-specific professional cybersecurity services, thus instilling the confidence to grow their business securely.

Red Teaming

Red Teaming aims to simulate in all respects one or more attack scenarios such as possible effectiveness of a Phishing malware campaign (external activity) or pivoting and the privilege escalation of a user within the company (activity internal). This type of activity is fundamental for the customer: the allows you to understand if your monitoring and anti-intrusion tools are correctly configured and ready to deal with one new threat.


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