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Giacomo Ferrara

Giacomo Ferrara is the Vector's Creator,  39 years old is a a Senior Cybersecurity Architect and Multi-certified expert in enterprise and critical infrastructure architecture ( especially for what concerns Satellite Telecommunication Security ) with Certified Offensive Security Professional specializing in hacking, red team operations, system and network exploitation, penetration testing, and hardening. Responsible for performing penetration testing, hacking prevention, risk assessments, and secure application development ( by using multiple programming languages like C, C++, Python, .NET technologies, SCALA, Lua, Rust, and Ruby so, I have a lot of experience in what concern programming and full-stack application development ), and Blockchain Certified with years of seniority, especially for what concern the security testing methodologies to perform a complete assessment inside a decentralized network infrastructure. Parallelly, I'm a former trainer for government agencies, especially for what concern dark web intelligence operations.

Actually he offers a complete set of services dedicated for what concerns Cybersecurity, Penetration Testing,  Red Teaming, Cyberwarfare advanced techniques, Cyberterrorism countermeasures and much more.

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