Giacomo Ferrara

Giacomo Ferrara is the Vector's Creator,  38 years old is a professional cyber security engineer and master developer. He spent his life to study and to help people by the improvement of technology.

He is boxer and he believed ( and believe) that sport is the key of a long life and increase also the mental skills. 7 years ago during the Vector's development an  horrible accident destroyed his body but not the desire to complete his project and helped by the love of his family he has continued to fight against any medical response and through some specific medical operations he completely recovered his legs and restarted to fight and live without any limitations.

Whit this new energy and totally alone he has finished Vector and ADE projects and present them at Black Hat Conference in Las Vegas and waiting to run Genesis algorithm and give birth his creature inside the best super computing solution. He wants the best of the best but is not easy and to make this he has created the Vectorsec his society dedicated  to offer Cyber Security services and IT professional solutions and soon with Vector he is ready to make the next professional step to find the right sponsor that transform Vector in a planetary reality.


Actually he offers a complete set of services dedicated not only for cyber security but also for trading and crypto mining and ICO campaign setup.