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Giacomo Ferrara

Giacomo Ferrara is a a Senior Cybersecurity Researcher and Multi-certified Security Expert in enterprise and critical infrastructure architecture ( especially for what concerns Satellite Telecommunication Security ) with a huge experience for what concerns Penetration Testing, System and Network Exploitation, Red Teaming, Hacking prevention, Risk assessments, DAST/SAST, and Professional Development ( by using multiple programming languages like C, C++, Python, .NET technologies, SCALA, Lua, Rust, and Ruby ). He is a Blockchain Certified Security Expert with years of seniority, especially for what concern the security testing methodologies to perform a complete assessment inside a decentralized network infrastructure. Parallelly, he is a former trainer for government agencies, especially for what concern dark web intelligence operations.

Actually, he offers a complete set of services dedicated for what concerns Cybersecurity, Penetration Testing,  Red Teaming, Cyberwarfare advanced techniques, Cyberterrorism countermeasures and much more.

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